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Pre-Approved Mortgage Edmonton

Pre-Approved Mortgage Edmonton If you need a pre-approved mortgage in Edmonton, contact Mortgage Tailors. They’ll provide pre-approval which will strengthen your position when it comes time to negotiate the purchase price of your home. If you’ve been looking around for a mortgage broker to work with, consider Edmonton’s own Mortgage Tailors.

There are many advantages that come with being pre-approved for a mortgage in Edmonton. As a home buyer, you’ll get the most leverage when you are pre-approved; as well, consider a few of the following benefits:

- Knowing the amount of money you are pre-approved to borrow can keep you from looking at homes that are out of your price range, helping you focus more intently on what falls within your budget. There is a tremendous benefit from looking more intently on what you can afford that will save you a lot of time in the long run.

- Knowing your budget will also provide the unique advantage of knowing beforehand what your mortgage is going to look like, so you can work around it.

- Negotiating power is a strong advantage in the real estate market. Consider the preferential treatment you’ll gain by both real estate agents and sellers when you have been pre-approved for your mortgage in Edmonton. When your realtor presents an offer on your behalf, it’s going to be the one that is considered before and above all others, since offers from buyers who have not been pre-approved come with a sense of uncertainty.

- Streamline the process of buying your dream home without worrying about whether or not your loan will be approved. Time that is saved can be put toward other efforts involved in the purchase of a home. A pre-approved mortgage will help to fast-track the closing as well.

- Since sellers would much rather work with a buyer who has been pre-approved for a mortgage in Edmonton, they will be more likely to accept a lower offer on their home, knowing that the purchase will not be held up by financial details due to refusal by the lending institution.

Cindy Janisch, from Mortgage Tailors, is available to assist you daytime, evenings and weekends in order to help you become pre-approved for a mortgage in Edmonton. While a bank sells only a very limited range of products, and their representatives are only able to help you up to a point, Cindy is a licensed professional, specializing in mortgages and not limited to the products of just one lender. Working with Cindy, you will gain access to over 30 lenders, giving you more choices, more unbiased advice and better rates.

For more information on becoming pre-approved for a mortgage in Edmonton, feel free to contact Cindy Janisch through email: cindy@EdmontonsBestMortgage.com or by visiting online at cindyJanisch.ca. You’ll find Cindy to be knowledgeable and very helpful in the process of becoming pre-approved.

If you’re looking at homes in or around Edmonton, you’re going to want a pre-approved mortgage to get the best deal on your dream home. Call Cindy today and get the ball rolling. Pre-Approved Mortgage Edmonton

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Pre-Approved Mortgage Edmonton Pre-Approved Mortgage Edmonton


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