First-Time Home Buyer

First-Time Home Buyer Guide

Purchasing your first home is a big life decision and can be stressful at times. So you want to be a home owner, here are some things to consider. First you want to be pre qualified for a mortgage. Consider all your options when it comes to a first time home buyer plan (tax credit). Learn about what a mortgage is, how the interest is calculated, the terms and conditions associated with the Mortgage. Let me take you through the steps required for qualification. Verification of income and a full credit check will be conducted by myself and I will discuss and inform you as to how this will impact your application. Get pre qualified before you go shopping for a home so that you are prepared and ready to write an offer.

Why is a First-Time Home Buyer Guide Important?

As first time home buyers, this transaction may be the largest and most important of your financial life. Having an Accredited Mortgage Professional to guide you thru the transaction is key! You can find an Accredited Mortgage Professional in Alberta listed on the Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association. (

The rules in the financial industry are constantly changing, work with someone who has a proven track record, relationships with other industry professionals and customer reviews to support their professionalism. A Bank sells a limited range of products, as a licensed professional, I have access to over 25 lenders across Canada. Keep in mind that my services are free of charge as I am compensated by the lender where the mortgage is funded.

Cindy Janisch Can Guide You If You’re a First-Time Home Buyer

As an Accredited mortgage professional, I am at your service to provide you with a number of different lending options, rates and terms that are Tailored to your family. I will provide Knowledge, Service and Trust, so that you can make an educated decision.

With over 15 years experience in the financial industry, I have worked on many residential purchases with all kinds of credit or income situations. You can trust that I have the skills and experience to handle your deal. Communication is key, therefore, I am accessible at all times so you are informed at each step of the application. I have your long term needs in mind and I build relationships with an emphasis on customer service.

The reason I specialize in Mortgages is because I want to educate my clients on the financial terms and conditions of the mortgage so that they are prepared for the impact of their financial transaction. I will go beyond and ask questions to Tailor the mortgage to your financial situation making sure you are qualified.

Consumer Fit

If you are new to Canada, first time home buyers or building your dream home, I can work along your side. Providing you information on down payment requirements, mortgage payments, mortgage type (high ratio or low ratio) amortization period, pre payment options, understanding fixed vs variable options and mortgage registration.

Stream line process from pre qualification, taking into consideration your application is
based on your income, credit score, down payment and net worth. I will provide you with the tools needed to make the approval process as easy as possible. The financial transaction is a very big decision. Let me guide you along each step from start to finish.